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Incredible Herbs

For many centuries herbs have been used in our daily day life, either for cooking or healing. We all know, a recipe or two from our grandma’s magical power healing herbs. We will share with you the power of healing of some herbs beloved to them. We will share with you the origins, those herbs and also some testimonials of therapeutic homemade remedies.

Great Alternative to Harsh Chemical

Not all people like to run to the pharmacy to get drugs for curing their little everyday health problem. Knowing how long can a doctor visit be. Many hospitalizations are due to allergic reaction to medication. For centuries tribe have been taken care of their members using nature resources. There is a call back to our native roots, to Veganism, to recycling and to save the planet.

Here are three tea recipies to boost your health


Usage of rosemary dates back to 500 b.c. when it was used as a culinary and medicinal herb by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is still a popular medicinal herb today.

Originated: Rosemary is an amazing herb with many benefits. It is native to the Mediterranean and Asia.

Effect on health: Its health benefits are most often attributed to its high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  This herb not only tastes good in culinary dishes, but it is also a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B-6.

Testimonies: I personally use to cure all my close one of their little sickness. It has been proven to cure so far clod bronchitis, stomachache and more…

Recipes and posology: 2 stems of rosemary, 4 stems of thymes, 4 stems of menthes, 2 rinds of canellas, 2 Anis, ½ citrus, 1 inch of ginger

Bring to a boiled in fair amount of water and let simmer for 30 mins. Drink ¾ cup every 5 to 6 hours. Until healing.



 Drinking chamomile tea is generally safe for most people. … Nevertheless, there have not been any reports of life-threatening adverse reactions or toxicity from drinking chamomile tea. Summary: Although a few people may be allergic to chamomile, it is safe for most people to drink.’

Originated: The name Chamomile comes from the Greek word meaning “ground apple.” Its history dates back at least to ancient Egypt, where Chamomile tea was prescribed as a cold remedy

Effect on health:

Better Sleep
Chamomile tea’s most well-known benefit is as a sleep aid. It is known for its relaxing and soothing properties and is often taken before bed to promote restful sleep.

Stomach Soother
Chamomile is helpful for a variety of stomach problems. It soothes stomach aches, eases the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, promotes elimination, and assists in overall digestion. It is often found in teas for digestion in combination with peppermint.